About us

We love the SPECIAL you tooh?

In our manufactory we design, develop and manufacture a completely individual and exclusive interior for you.

We only use high-quality and sustainable materials to create something very special for you. Our goal is to create furniture and products that have a clear and timeless design to accompany you for a lifetime. In the midst of such a fast-moving world, we want to create consistency. We do this with a design that doesn't get boring and with a value that outlasts a human life. Of course, we will respond to your wishes..

Who are we?

We are a small team that has never lost our enthusiasm for craftsmanship. On the contrary, we love what we do!!


Graduate engineer and founder of BETOLZ

Creativity and handiwork are, along with my wife and my 4 children, the passion of my life. I am the creative head of BETOLZ. I am particularly fascinated by concrete. I acquired the specialist knowledge of this material through self-study and in exchange with other startups, established companies and suppliers.



„WOOD is my primary passion. At Betolz, we work almost exclusively with oak, as it is very durable and, above all, does not have to be transported over long distances.“



mechanical engineer

„I found my calling in metalworking. So if you ordered a metal frame from us, then my hands or my welding machine were certainly involved.“ 


master locksmith

„ Unpack, pack, fetch, take away I help out at Betolz where I'm needed and I'm always fascinated anew by how an idea ultimately becomes a finished piece of furniture..“



Alexander tells you his story:
„Even as a child, I was fascinated by creating and producing things that bore my signature. So my professional career was pre-programmed. Nevertheless, I only came to BETOLZ via detours.
I started my professional career as a technical draftsman in a carpentry workshop, only to realize later that I wanted more. So I added a degree in mechanical engineering and meanwhile worked as a manager in a small metalworking company. Finally, after my studies, I found myself working as a test engineer at Continental.
My creativity and my love for handicrafts accompanied me during this whole time in my free time. In the beginning I built almost exclusively things out of wood. With the construction of his own house, the idea came up to create interiors out of concrete and solid wood. BETOLZ was born.
Since then, interior design has been designed, developed and manufactured in our manufactory with a great deal of creativity and professional skill. My technically competent team supports me, which also briefly introduces itself here.“