FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Online shop

Which payment methods can I pay with?

At Betolz you can conveniently pay with Klarna, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

Where can I find the input field for the discount code?

Put your desired products in the shopping cart, click on the button "SECURE TO CHECKOUT", then you will get to the order overview. There you will find the "Summary & discount code" tab at the top, which will take you to the code entry field.

Shipping & returns

Do I have a right of return?

You don't like your product as much as you thought. No problem! With our money-back guarantee, you can return it within 30 days of receipt. You will then get the full purchase amount back..

Can I return personalized products?

Personalized products are non-returnable. Goods that are made to customer specifications (made to measure or personalised) or that are clearly tailored to personal needs cannot be returned.

How can I return my item(s)?

All information about returns can be found on our returns page here:return

Bestolz concrete

Is the concrete waterproof?

All our products are sealed several times with a food-safe natural wax after a complex process. Thus, the concrete is water and dirt repellent.

Key holder HAMO

Is the price per set or individually?

The price consists of a magnetic holder in the color you have chosen. If you want a set, simply put several holders in your desired color in the shopping cart or discover our ready-made set at a special pricehere

Does the magnet damage the car key?

The magnet has been proven to have no effect on the electronics of the car key, so you can attach it without hesitation.

Will the magnet hold my bunch of keys?

The built-in magnet is strong and easily holds bunches of keys up to 200g, so that it is even suitable for heavy bunches.

My key isn't magnetic, what now?

Some keys are heavily alloyed so that they are not or only weakly magnetic. On the other hand, the usual key ring on the collar is usually not alloyed and is therefore 100% magnetic. Therefore, we recommend that you hang your waistband on the ring.

Will the adhesive pad stick to my wall?

The strong adhesive pad sticks very well even on rough surfaces, so you can use it on both wallpaper and plaster without hesitation.

Your question is not included?

If your question is not listed, you are welcome to contact us at any time using the contact form on our contact pagehere contact or email us kontakt@betolz.com send.