Einsatz gegen Schlingen für Futterstation PATERA M & L

Anti-sling insert

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Eye catching design

Handmade in Germany

Anti-sling use for your loved one's health

If your dog wolfs down his food too quickly, it can cause serious health problems like diarrhea, stomach upset, and tartar.

With our anti-snail insert suitable for our models PATERA M and PATERA L, your dog can eat in peace and the harmful swallowing is prevented.

Note:The anti-snare insert only fits our models PATERA M and PATERA L. It does not fit size S feeding stations.

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  • food silicone

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  • suitable for our feeding stations PATERA M & PATERA L

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  • Anti-sling insert
Anti-Schling-Einsatz - Betolz Anti-Schling-Einsatz - Betolz Anti-Schling-Einsatz - Betolz