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Ceiling canopy

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You have finally found your absolute dream lamp! When you get home, it should of course be attached to the ceiling immediately. But stop! The canopy that goes with your new ceiling lamp just doesn't go with it at all. It's either made of ugly sheet metal or plastic, or it simply doesn't go with the lamp and the rest of your furnishing style. We are also familiar with this problem and have therefore invented a timelessly beautiful and stable solution:our concrete canopy! With dimensions of 100mm x 45mm, you should be able to get all the tangled cables and electrical connections under with ease. The canopy is available in the colors grey, white and anthracite. But of course we are also happy to fulfill special requests. So if you are looking for a sensible lamp holder that is robust but still has a classically modern look, our concrete canopy will surely inspire you.

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  • high-strength, fine-pored design concrete

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  • Dimensions (D x H):10cm x 4.5cm
  • Weight per piece:200 g
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  • Ceiling canopy
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