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Replacement wick for continuous fire CLARUS

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Replacement wick for continuous fire Clarus

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    spare wick S

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.5cm x 1.5cm x 6.5cm
    • Weight: 20g

    Replacement wick M

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2cm x 2cm x 12.5cm
    • Weight: 35g

    Spare wick L

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3cm x 3cm x 8.5cm
    • Weight: 50g
    scope of delivery
    • 1x spare wick
    FAQs - frequently asked questionsn

    How do I light my CLARUS?

    It is best to light the wick at a corner. Concentrate the flame of the stick lighter on one corner of the wick at the bottom of the wax base so that the flame can heat and ignite the wax properly. If the corner burns, keep it out of the wind for a moment so that the flame can eat through the wick. The flame is very windproof once the entire wick is lit.


    How long does my CLARUS burn with 500g of wax?

    500g of wax is enough for 5 to 10 hours of burning time. It's impossible to say more precisely because it depends on which CLARUS you have and how far you let the wick stick out of the wax. If he sticks out further, the fire gets bigger, but it also uses more wax.

    How do I feed my CLARUS?

    CLARUS can burn for years if you always feed it enough wax. It is therefore important that the wick never burns empty. Always remember to put scraps of wax into the melted wax so that the wick never protrudes more than 3 cm from the wax. You can simply place leftover candles on the edge of your wick, and the fire will melt the wax itself. If you use leftover candles with a wick for refilling, the leftover wick can be easily fished out of the liquid wax after it has been extinguished.

    If you don't have any leftover wax at home, that's no problem at all! - here we have supplies for you.


    Can I leave my CLARUS outside in any weather??

    If you leave your CLARUS out in the rain, the concrete may calcify a bit. This will not damage your CLARUS, but can leave stains on the table. These lime stains can be removed with a good limescale remover, but it is easier to protect your CLARUS from rain.
    If you leave your CLARUS in the blazing sun, it can heat up so much that the wax it contains liquefies. Since wax expands a lot when heated, it may then run out at the top. Therefore protect your CLARUS from the sun so that it stays beautiful for a long time.


    How do I delete my CLARUS?

    Your CLARUS comes with a matching concrete lid. This is not only beautiful, but also useful! Because this lid serves as an extinguishing tool. Simply place it on your CLARUS and it will be deprived of oxygen and extinguished. Never try to extinguish your CLARUS by blowing. Since the flame is very windproof, you're more likely to blow the liquid wax out of the continuous fire and, in the worst case, injure someone. Likewise, your CLARUS should never be extinguished with water.


    May I use my CLARUS in the house?

    No, because CLARUS is an OUTDOOR fire, which can therefore only be used outdoors. Its wick is so big that it conjures up a wonderful, large flame, which can therefore smoke a bit. So get outside with CLARUS on your beautiful balcony or your cozy terrace.

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