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Stand fire LUCEO

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

At your home in 5-7 working days

Eye catching design

Handmade in Germany

A prototype can be seen on the product images - your LUCEO will be transformed from the usual,high-strength, fine-pored design concrete.


LUCEO stand fire - fascination with light and warmth

People have gathered around the fire for thousands of years. The light and warmth that emanate from the fire provide comfort that is rarely found anywhere else. You enjoy life and time by the fire. With loved ones, with friends, pleasant hours pass there and memories are created for the whole life. You often think back to the company and the pleasant conversations for years.
With our LUCEO standfire, we make the fire a little bit more exciting and the play of flames a little livelier. We twisted the flame and stretched it out so you can enjoy it even more.
The spinning flame is absolutely mesmerizing and one can spend hours watching the swirling flames.
Because the ethanol burns off soot-free, LUCEO can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it emits a heat of 2500W and thus replaces any patio heater outside or provides cozy warmth inside, as otherwise only a small fireplace could do.

product info


  • high-strength, fine-pored design concrete

product details

  • Height 54.0cm
  • Diameter glass: 13.0 cm
  • Diameter base: 15.0 cm
  • Heat output: 2500W
    scope of delivery
    • 1x stand fire
    FAQs - frequently asked questionsn

    How do I light my LUCEO?

    When cold, you can remove the glass and easily light the ethanol, which is in a container in the base, with a lighter or match.


    How long does my LUCEO burn with 500ml ethanol?

    500ml ethanol is enough for a burning time of 70-80min.


    How do I delete my LUCEO?

    Your LUCEO comes with a matching concrete lid. This is not only beautiful, but also useful! Because this lid serves as an extinguishing tool. Just put it on yoursLUCEOand already it gets no more oxygen and goes out.



    Standfeuer LUCEO - Betolz Standfeuer LUCEO - Betolz